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Home Remedies for Night Blindness

Night blindness is a situation when one cannot see in the dark or low light. The human eye is equipped to see in very bright and dark light conditions. In case of night blindness, eye cannot adapt itself in the dark. If one has night blindness, they cannot see when the light is dim. They will have problems in driving a vehicle at night, in movie theatres and dark spaces.

If one has a problem in seeing things during night time, it is important to visit your doctor. They perform certain tests and can find out the exact solution. There are various tests meant to measure the visual acuity and the ability to see colors.
There are tests available to check the cornea, conjunctiva, iris, eyelids, sclera and the lens. The doctor may also get electroretinogram done, which will measure the responses of your cones and rods when they are exposed to light.
Cataracts can be treated with surgery. Myopia can be cured or corrected by use of contact lenses or spectacles. In case of glaucoma patients, medicines can be prescribed. Vitamin A deficiency will also be treated with supplements. If it is a congenital disorder, then it will be permanent. An eye care specialist can monitor this. An injury can be caused to people in such a condition. Some people can also feel better with special glasses to be used during the night.night-blindness-and-eye-care
Wear Sunglasses: Your eyes will not have to adjust much to the outside sun and will be protected from any damage.
Don’t strain your eyes:You may suffer from stress to the eyes due to knitting, reading, working on the computer etc. Make sure that you read in a well-lit place. Relax after continuous work on the computer to feel lesser stress on the eyes.

Home Remedies

Treatment with wood apple (bael)
Black pepper (7 corns)
Leaves of wood apple tree (10 grams)
100 grams of water
25 grams of sugar
Mix the crushed leaves with black pepper and grind with the help of water. Add sugar to this and drink daily two times. This will reduce the problem.
Bilberry: This fruit has lots of antioxidants and can treat various eye problems. It improves the night vision and improves the capillary health.
Vitamin A: Fruits and vegetables which have a high content of Vitamin A should be taken to cure eye diseases. Carrot is a great source of vitamin A.
Rue Herb: Rue herb is used to relieve headaches, tennis elbow, keeping away bugs and indigestion. It also strengthens the capillaries and improves the eyesight. The extract of this herb should thus be used.
Zinc: The deficiency of zinc can also cause night blindness. The deficiency can cause reduction of the production of the enzyme which produces zinc in the body. A zinc supplement will help to improve the vision and should be taken in the right quantity to improve the eyesight.

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Sir iam 20 yr old I have night blindness from my childhood my eyes are not appear in dark or low light this problem have solution please sir tellme

Dear sir iam 23 year old i have night blindness problm i am not appear in night and low light sir plz tell me solution for this problm

Dear sir or madam just asking some question about some one who had eyes surgery to both eyes and she was ok after surgery she was seeing then 9 months ago she couldn’t see at all. and now she having pain in the eyes and scraching the same time any solution for her to get healing or any treatment for her to get her sight back?thank you!

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