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Herbal Medicinal Plant –Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus)

Asparagus Racemosus is a common species of asparagus that grows in regions like the Himalayas, Nepal, India and Srilanka. There are multiple uses of this plant. Due to surrounding getting destructed and deforestation, this plant is endangered in its natural environment.

Asparagus Racemosus is a good source of calcium, minerals, zinc and B- complex vitamins. The estrogens in the plant do not produce negative side effects and this gentle herb helps to maintain a balanced life. Due to its immense medicinal properties, it is also known as the “Queen of Herbs”.

Plant Family – Asparagaceae

Botanical Name – Asparagus Racemosus

Sanskrit – Shatavari

English – Indian Asparagus, Hundred Roots, Asparagus Roots

Hindi – Shatavari

Nepal – Kurilo

About the Plant

Asparagus Racemosus is a spine stemmed, woody climber that reaches to a height of 1-2 meters. It bears small, white flowers and also gives red berries as fruit. This plant grows well in gravely, rocky soils that are high up in piedmont plains. Asparagus Racemosus is widely used in Ayurvedic tonics for sexual debility, infertility, menopausal symptoms in women, galactogogue, and uterine bleeding problems.shatavari plant

Medicinal Properties

Asparagus Racemosus is widely used in Ayurveda for various medicinal purposes. It is used in the treatment of stomach upset, constipation, ulcers in the stomach, fluid retention, anxiety, cancer, pain, diarrhea, dementia, diabetes, tuberculosis, bronchitis and stomach spasms.

Asparagus Racemosus is known to nourish and cleanse the blood as well as the female reproductive organs. It is also used to cure problems in men related to sexual debility, impotence, inflammation of sexual organs and spermatorrhea.

Uses of Asparagus Racemosus

  • It supports good reproductive health in women.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy hormone balance.
  • It is very helpful in PMS symptoms as it helps relieve pain and control blood loss during periods.
  • It is very useful in the production of breast milk in nursing mothers.
  • It helps in the normal functioning of immune and digestive systems.
  • It helps in increasing libido.
  • It is used as anodyne, and aphrodisiac.
  • Roots of Asparagus Racemosus can be used for the treatment of nervous disorders, dyspepsia, tumors, infections in throat, cough, scalding of urine, bronchitis, and TB.
  • This plant is also widely used to cure pain, restless sleep, nervousness, people with weak emotional and physical heart, anorexia, sleeplessness, people who are underweight, and hyperactive kids.
  • It is considered as an important rejuvenating tonic for female to have good health and vitality.
  • Women who have more possibility of abortion can have this herb to help in safe pregnancy.
  • Prolonged use of this herb can improve eyesight.
  • Fresh juice of the roots of Asparagus Racemosus can be taken to reduce the pain or burning sensation of tumors that is caused due to Pitta.
  • It is very helpful in cases of urinary stones and dysurea.
  • It helps in balancing pH levels in the vagina.
  • It nourishes ovum increasing the fertility rate in women.
  • Asparagus Racemosus can help to fight against diseases like cholera, E. Coli, dysentery, typhoid, and Staphyoloccus aerus.
  • This herb is very useful to relieve stress as it creates an immune response in the body that protects the body from harmful effects of stress.
  • It helps in treating liver cancer.
  • The powdered dried roots of the plant are used in the treatment of ulcers and gastroparesis.
  • It helps in nourishing body and mind, builds immunity and promotes long life. This plant can slow down the ageing process of cells, tissues and organs


  • Asparagus Racemosus can cause skin and pulmonary allergic reactions in some people.
  • People with edema due to kidney disorder or improper heart functioning should avoid the intake of Asparagus Racemosus.
  • There is also a possibility of weight gain due to the intake of this plant.


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