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Health Benefits of Black Pepper : Herbs

black pepper health benefitsBlack pepper is often termed as the “king of spices”. Black pepper has more health benefits than most people know about. It has the potential to make food most beneficial when used as a spice in various recipes. Black pepper is obtained from the pepper vine that usually grows in tropical climates. The fruits borne by these vines are known as peppercorns. These peppercorns when collected and ground to fine powder becomes black pepper powder.

Black pepper as spice

Black pepper is used in Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai recipes. It’s used to spice up, eggs, salads, soups, steaks, tea, etc. In order to keep the taste unchanged, they are usually powdered just before cooking.When Captain Christopher Columbus visited Spain after his first ever journey in the year 1493, he didn’t take any of the precious spices or herbs from the East Indies. Cinnamon, Black pepper, and Cloves were the spices that he did not carry with him. Peppers have a powerful, delicious flavour that comes to them from volatile oils such as piperine.

Health Benefits

Black pepper and sodium are two important spice that to go hand-in-hand when it comes to preparing our foods. However, many people stay away from salt because too much of it makes us retain water. Black pepper, in this case, gives an opposite reaction. This functions as a diuretic. It also motivates our bodies to sweat and gets rid of poisons.

According to the American Spice Trade Organization, black pepper contains salt (slight amount). There is about 10 mg of salt in 100 grams of black pepper. Another awesome health advantage of black pepper is that it helps in digestive functions. When we eat this spice, our taste buds get active, and they send alerts to our abdomen informing it to increase its manufacturing of hydrochloric acid. This acidity helps our body to process food, and thus, we don’t experience heartburn. It can also help avoid the development of abdominal gas and reduces abdomen discomfort.

People suffering from light Anorexia can restore their hunger by intake of black pepper because it promotes their taste buds. Black pepper is also very beneficial in case of common cold and chest congestion. Drinking a hot cup of tea with black pepper can clear the blockage and provide instant relief.

Another incredible health benefit is that it’s very useful in kitchen cuts. Not only it stops blood loss, but its anti-bacterial qualities will also enhance healing and destroy viruses.

Storing Black Pepper

Black peppers are available year around. Buy whole peppercorns instead of powdered ones as it may contain adulterated powders. The peppercorns should be healthy, large, circular and light weight. Peppercorns can be saved at room temperatures for many years. It can be kept in the fridge more than a month. Powdered form should be stored in the refrigerator in airtight bins.

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