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Filariasis or Filaria: Ayurvedic management and Home Remedies

Filariasis or Filaria (known as Shlipada in Ayurveda) is caused by Culex mosquitoes. The bite of infected mosquitos spread the microfilariae and once bitten by the infected mosquito it injects it to the healthy individual. Usually, the parasite circulates at night in the blood and reaches different parts of the body. The microfilariae develop into adult worms and start to affect the carrier body. 

When the mosquito bites the infected person, it carries the parasites. When it bites another healthy person, it spreads the infection to him as well.


Usually, the early symptoms are fever and sometimes fever accompanied by pain & redness along the affected lymphatic vessels is observed. 

In later stages, all the lymphatic channels in the lower Limbs are affected and legs become Swollen giving rise to elephantiasis (Hathi Paon).

Some patients develop urticaria and pneumonia.

Home remedies: 

Bel Leaves: The leaves of the Bel tree are very useful in the treatment of this condition. Taking three leaves everyday helps in treating Filaria. Also note, Bel tree leaves help in preventing this disease. If you stay in an area where mosquito issue is prevalent, it is advised to take Bel leaves to strengthen immunity.

Garlic: Garlic is a well known natural germicide. Take 10 cloves of garlic everyday to get rid of Filaria.

 Dried Ginger: Ginger is another very helpful herb which is also available in each household. Take dried Ginger and boil it in water. Take the water regularly to fight Filaria.

Ayurvedic Treatment: 

Nityananda Rasa is commonly recommended to Filaria patients. Take 1/2 tab to 1 tab,  two times a day on an empty stomach for two months. As per Rasendra Sara Sangraha and Bhaisajya Ratnavali, Nityananda Rasa is considered a very useful medicine to treat Shlipada or Filiria.

Saptanga Guggulu: This medicine is prescribed 500mg twice a day. Saptanga Guggulu has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing swelling caused by filaria. 

Important note: As medications prescribed for a longer time, it’s very important to take medicines under a qualified ayurvedic doctor. Based on the various conditions of the patient’s body and Prakriti, dosha, medicines can vary drastically.


  • Take healthy food. 
  • Bitter food like karela, neem flower etc help. 
  • Take enough green vegetables (properly cooked).
  • Horse gram, barley etc should be added to the regular diet.
  • Milk, curd, jaggery etc are discouraged for the patient.

As it spreads in the body through blood, it takes quite some time to treat this condition. Continue the medications till the recommended period even when the patient starts feeling better. Stopping the medication before the recommended period can bring back the infection. 

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