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Chicken Pox treatment with Ayurveda and Home Remedies

As per the Ayurvedic terms, Chicken Pox is also known by the name Laghu Masurika. This disease is highly contagious in nature. Generally, children belonging to the age group of one to ten years are affected by this disease. Sometimes, it also attacks adults. Chicken Pox is a viral disease and even after the cure of the disease, the virus remains hidden inside the body of the patient. This hidden virus can attack the person again later on. People often confuse this disease with smallpox. However, it is a completely different disease and is also less serious than smallpox.

The Prime Causes and Indications of Chicken Pox:

Varicella-zoster virus is the main cause of this disease. The other causes of chickenpox can be sensitive skin, poor immunity, prolonged illness, local skin infection, and use of strong soap. There is a high chance of this disease getting spread from one person to another by means of physical contact or transmission of the virus through the air by sneezing and coughing.

The symptoms of this disease are generally slight fever, burning sensation in the eyes, stuffy nose, pain in the legs and back area of the body, etc. After about one day’s gap of these indications red papules start appearing on the arms, chest and back of the patient.

How Does Ayurvedic Medicines Cure Chicken Pox?

Ayurveda says that chickenpox affects a person due to the vitiation of several doshas like the pitta dosha, Vata dosha and the Kapha dosha.

Let us now see how the medicines of Ayurveda are prescribed to cure chickenpox. The medications of this disease are different for the first and second week. Listed below are the details of the Ayurvedic medicines that help to heal the disease: 

First Week:

Following are the doses to be taken:

  • Swarnamakshika Bhasma: Take 100 mg. of this medicine along with decoction of the bark of Kanchnar tree. This medicine is to be taken in the morning and evening times.
  • Eladyarishta: Take this 15 ml. of this medicine mixed with equal quantity of water after having meals.

Second Week:

The doses are:

  • Indukala Vatika: Take 100 mg. of Indukala Vatika twice during the day time.
  • Haridra Churna: Prepare the juice of bitter gourd leaves. Mix 1 gm. of this medicine with the juice and take it in the afternoon and at night.

Ayurveda Suggests Some Other Natural Remedies For Chicken Pox:

  • Several herbs like lemon, holy basil, chamomile, marigold and honey are used to make herbal tea. Consumption of this tea three to four times in a day works very well on the fast recovery of chickenpox.
  • Boil oatmeal in water. Mix this water in the bath-water of the patient. This provides great relief in this disease.
  • Prepare a soup containing coriander leaves and carrot. Take this soup at least once in a day to see good results.
  • Neem leaves work wonder in the treatment of chickenpox. This is a widely used remedy for this disease. The anti-viral properties of neem are very effective in fighting the virus that causes chickenpox. Boil neem leaves in water and mix that water with the bath-water of the patient. This process offers great relief from the itching and eruptions that are faced by the person suffering from the disease. Spreading of neem leaves on the bed of the patient also provides relief from the itching problem. Consumption of neem leaves early in the morning on empty stomach is also recommended during this time.
  • Applying honey to the affected area also eases the itching of the patient.
  • Application of a mud pack on the abdomen and chest of the patient twice in a day is also very good.
  • The use of water drained from green peas to sponge the body of the patient helps in the removal of scars.
  • Mix a little amount of baking soda in water. Use this water to sponge the skin of the patient. This remedy helps to reduce irritation and itching.

Other than the medications prescribed, a healthy diet containing lots of fruits, vegetable juices and lemon juices prove highly beneficial in the quick recovery of the patient.

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