Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part III

In continuation of our two previous articles, Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part II and Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part II, we present here more detailed explanations of the principles and practices of nature cure or naturopathy. Practitioners of nature cure or naturopathy strongly believe in body vitalism, a principle which maintains that the guidance of all body processes like human metabolism, growth, adaptation and reproduction is by a special energy, which they term as vitalism, vital force or vital energy. The approach of nature cure is a holistic one with non-invasive treatments and therapies for most physical disorders and afflictions, with very minimal usage of drugs, medications and/or surgical procedures.

It is very easy for the human body to recover from any physical affliction by using natural elements, resources and methods, such as fresh air, clean water, sunshine, properly planned and prepared nutritious diets, exercises, constructive or positive thinking, correct mental attitudes, scientific relaxation of body and mind, prayer and meditation, which have the power to help humans maintain a sound body and a sound mind. As mentioned earlier, all forms of diseases and disorders occur due to one major cause, namely, the accumulation of toxins, bodily refuse and waste materials in the body. The body of a healthy human has the ability to remove these hazardous toxins and waste materials from the human body system through the various organs of elimination, such as liver, spleen, kidneys, bowels and skin.natuopathy3

In fact, most, if not all acute and common diseases like colds, fevers, digestive disturbances, inflammations, skin eruptions, etc. are always self-initiated efforts by the body to throw away the accumulated toxins and waste materials. When these acute diseases are kept in a state of continued suppression through seemingly harmless, but deadly methods like drugs, narcotics, vaccines, antibiotics, gland extracts, unnecessary or undesirable surgical methods, etc., these acute diseases become even more hazardous. They lead to other chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, kidney disorders, asthma, rheumatism, etc. Hence, the only logical option to cure acute and chronic diseases and keep the body in a healthy condition is to employ only those methods that can allow the body system itself to throw away these accumulated toxins and waste materials on its own, with minimal non-invasive intervention. Nature cure offers these methods in the most effective manner. This remains a natural and regular process in healthy persons.

However, in the case of a person afflicted with a disease before these materials have been removed from the system, they start piling up in the body. The effects may be visible within a very short period in some persons but it may take several years to manifest openly in many others. The rate of accumulation of the toxins, waste materials and bodily refuse to depend on the level of faulty living or undesirable lifestyles. The individual amounts of wrong food habits, improper body care, various habits like smoking, drinking and drug abuse, wrong and negative attitudes, thoughts and behaviors like anger, depression, stress, anxiety, fear, overwork and worry, other types of excesses, lack of adequate physical exercises or physical activities, etc. that contributes to enervation or nervous exhaustion in an individual, determining how fast or how slow the effects of these hazardous materials cause serious damage to the afflicted person.

The above prime cause of body disorders make it very clear that the only effective solution for such afflictions is to ensure the quick and regular removal of these wastes from the body before they cause irreparable damage to the entire body system by activating the germs, bacteria and viruses that live in a dormant state in the body. Modern science and conventional medicine may refuse to accept the basic fact that the human body contains an elaborate but highly complex healing mechanism of its own and this healing mechanism has the power to restore normal health condition in the human body system. This aspect and other issues related to naturopathy will be discussed in detail in our next article, Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part IV.


Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part IV

This article is the fourth in the series of Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part I, Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part II and Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part IIII. As we mentioned at the end of Part III, conventional medicine and modern science do not accept the basic self-healing mechanism of the human body and its power in healing all physical afflictions to restore normal health. What is required is the employment of the right methods to allow the body to use its powerful healing mechanism to return to normalcy on its own, with complete avoidance of unnecessary or highly harmful external interventions, especially strong medications or use them very sparingly and with great care.

The major problem with the modern system of medicine lies in its basic approach of diagnosing symptoms of diseases and treating the symptoms without ascertaining the real causes of the diseases, which invariably suppresses the underlying causes of the diseases temporarily. Most modern drugs, antibiotics and medications only result in hindering, slowing down or totally negating the self-healing mechanism of the human body. This not only makes recovery from the diseases much more difficult, but many of the drugs are themselves toxic to the human body, resulting in harmful side effects. To solve this problem, even more potent drugs are administered by modern medicine, thus building a huge pyramid of wrong treatment. The body slowly deteriorates and withers away under the effect of these drugs.natuopathy4

Further, it has been already proven beyond any doubt that most germs, bacteria and viruses have become completely immune to several generations of medications and their power of immunity keeps growing with the invention and administration of new and even more powerful generations of medications that cause still greater harm instead of solving the basic problems. In fact, a renowned physician and surgeon, Sir William Osler, commented that a patient is forced to recover twice when administered with modern drugs. According to him, the patient has to recover first from the disease itself and again from the effects of the drugs prescribed as a cure for the disease.

Drugs and physicians do not cure diseases as Hippocrates emphatically pointed out. They only change the patterns of the diseases. Further, modern drugs also lead to dietary deficiencies due to their power to destroy essential nutrients, use them up quickly and prevent their slow but steady absorption into the body system. Additionally, they produce toxicity inside the body when the body is in a least condition of coping with such toxicity. Restoration of health to normalcy is possible only by nature and natural methods and not by drugs. Another major distinction exists between modern medicine and nature cure. The former treats each type of disease as an individual or a separate entity, immediately assuming that specific drugs will cure that disease.

On the other hand, nature cure considers the body as a complete and comprehensive system and strives to restore harmony in each and every part of the human body system, dealing with the body of the patient as a whole, instead of treating the body in separate parts. This approach is logical because it should be apparent by now that each part of the body is closely interlinked with every other part. Naturally, diseases cannot be treated and cured completely if only one or two parts are tackled with, having no consideration or thought for the other interlinked or interrelated parts of the body.

Further, nature cure not only treats ailments or disorders after they set in but lays very high emphasis on prevention of the diseases before they set in. Naturopathy offers measures that all human beings can adapt easily by changing their lifestyles and habits by tuning them to nature. Can there be any other easier way or method to attain a good health, maintain it and avoid diseases? Thus, this Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part IV and the three previous parts in this series of articles should make it clear that nature cure or naturopathy is far superior to any other medical system. If you have any doubts, questions, clarifications or even suggestions on these four parts of nature cure presented by us, you are most welcome to contact us and we will respond immediately. Our subsequent articles will focus the various methods that nature cure adopts and explain each one in as much detail as possible.