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Ayurvedic treatment for Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is nothing but excessive bleeding during menstruation. In Ayurveda terminologies, this condition is known as Rakta Pradara.

It is found that due to hormonal imbalance in the body of the patient excessive bleeding takes place during period. As per Ayurveda, aggravation of Pitta is to be blamed for this disease. Cancer in the uterus can also be one of the reasons for this condition.

During menstruation, patient might feel pain in the abdomen, lumbar region or hips, and excessive bleeding takes place for a long period. This disease exhausts the patient and if not treated may lead to various other complexities like anemia.  Giddiness, headache, restlessness are few symptoms those are complained by the patient. The patient might also feel breathlessness.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Ashoka is the herb of choice to treat this condition. Lodhra is another herb of choice in Ayurveda to treat this condition. The powder of the barks of these two herbs is administered to the patient either separately or in a compound form. This can be given four times  day with a dose of one teaspoonful.

Ashokarista and Lodhrasava are two popular medicines in Ayurveda which are advised to the patients at a dose of 30 ml twice daily after food with water.

Tender leaves of pomegranate tree are also helpful in this condition. Seven tender leaves and seven grains of rice are mixed together to prepare a paste and given to the patient twice daily for a month.

Pravala(coral) and Mukta(pearl) are used in the acute condition of this disease. The powder form of this medicine commonly known as pishti is given to the patient in the dose of 100 mg four times a day.


All kind of hot and spicy food needs to be avoided. Old rice, wheat, moong dal, milk, and ghee can be given to the patient. Pomegranate, sugarcane juice, grapes, banana, jack fruit are useful for the patient.

Avoid any kind of exercise. Take sufficient rest mentally as well as physically. Excessive exposure to sun, vehicle riding, long journey are harmful in this disease.

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My daughter who is 16 years is suffering menorrhagia since last two years. We tried allopathic and. Please suggest medicines available in jabalpur. its almost 25 days she is bleeding.

We are sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering from Menorrhagia. Please remember that this is a completely curable disease. As we have discussed in this article there are several medicines available for this. But we donot prescribe any medicine without physically checking the patient. Please visit a nearby reputed doctor. Based on “Dosha” of body doctor will prescribe proper medicines. Don’t delay to treat any disease, as early diagnosed diseases are easily curable.

We wish your daughter a quick recovery.

I have had menorraghia for 23 years. The past four months have been the most normal in those years, but I am very very anemic. I am taking an iron pill which is an organic natural one well tolerated by my very sensitive stomach. What else can I be taking to heal my body. My holistic doctors prescribed shephards purse and it did nothing. Also is there. A link for Ayurvedic practices in my area?

Respected Madam
I am 48 years and 6 months old. I underwent Bental Surgery at A.I.I.M.S. New Delhi on 23/11/2012. Now I am taking tab Warf 5mg and warf 7 mg alternatively. Since last two months I have excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle. This month Menstruation has started within 15 days. Is this the effect of warf. Kindly guide me what should I do in this situation

Hello, i am 37 and have irregular period. I had surgery 2yrs ago for endometriosis where tissue was removed from pelvic region. Since then pain has not been anywhere near as pinful during or before periods but stil a little pain, dark clots with period lasting almost 7 days, severe headaches, lower back pain, severe depression/anxiety. I was told after the operation the only treatment was contraceptive pill (Loette)which have been on continuously since. After operation i had no period for 8mths then irregular ever since. I have previously been on contraceptive pill on / off almost 20 yrs to treat acne which is no longer a problem. What ae my alternatives of Ayurveda so I can stop takin the contraceptive pill please?

Kind regards, Jaylee

Thanks for contacting us, but we strongly suggest not to take any medicine without visiting a doctor. Even Ayurvedic medicines varies depending on body type. Do not forget to visit a doctor as self medication is dangerous. All the information provided here should be treated as reference and not as final prescription.You can even contact a doctor here https://ayurveddoctor.com/search-ayurvedic-doctors-near-you for initial consultation which is free.

hi i m 16 yr old . i m suffering from menorrhagia from last 2years as i witness heavy bleeding during periods as well as they least for 7 to 9 days . please suggest something to cure this.

I am 31yrs female residing in Mumbai. My periods started on 24th sept and its 10 days, now also I am bleeding. What could be the reasons for it? Is there any medicine to stop it.

Hello. My daughter who is just 11 yrs.old is suffering from menorrhagia since last 2 months.I prefer ayurveda and doctor suggested Ashokarishta to her.last month her period started on 10 and continues for 9 days and this month period started on 2 (today).plz.tell me what to do.

Hi there.did you manage to find a solution to your daughters problem.my daughter is 13 and experiencing bleeding for past 3mths

my name is saptami .26 year old . married.i have irregular period & in the period time heavy bleeding with clots i am suffering for heavy bleeding this month my period 13th oct my date bleeding up to 18. in this time its normal not heavy and 18-22 no bleeding again 22 start heavy bleeding with clots am really upset
what is solution please suggest.

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