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Name:Dr. m.s.john
Edu Qualification:Bsc…B.A.M.S…PGDHM
Specialities:Ayurvedic Specialist ( varma treatments..orthopaedics )
Address :
2th crosse..., senganiamman koil street
vahazikulam, Pondicherry (Pondicherry)
Clinic Address:
2th crosse..., senganiamman koil street
vahazikulam, Pondicherry (Pondicherry)
Contact:+91-413-0413, 6537651
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My brother is suffering from schizophrenia for last many years. despite allopathic treatments from, best doctors & hospitals, he is not showing any great improvement. rather he has become addicted to these medicines.

Are there good Ayurvedic doctors & medicines through whom he could get cured and get over his dependency over the allopathic medicines.

Pl.inform early.

JIPMER Hospital,Pondicherry-605006

Dear Sir / Mam…
CNS Chikitsalayam from Kerala in India, a rich traditional Ayurvedic healer and manufacturer with one and half decade (since 1900) Vedic hereditary Ayurvedic tradition. We manufacture more than 335 pure traditiona lAyurvedic medicines and some special patent medicines.
CNS Chikitsalayam renders effective cure for epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other diseases of central nervous system, metabolic disorders, bronchial disorders, many more skin diseases, pregnancy disorders and paediatric diseases etc etc ..
CNS Chikitsalayam gives more emphasis on Paediatrics and diseases like Sprue, Dermatitis, Polio, Jaundice, Primary Complex etc. are taken into account seriously and offer special treatments. The Govt. of Kerala has selected CNSC as a training centre for CCH course In 1985. All India Balachikitsa Training Camp sponsored by LSPSS has been conducted at CNSC in 1990 and 1991.
Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair
CNS is a referal hospital for paediatrics. Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair has Presented thesis in the seminar conducted on paediatrics at Ahemadabad in 1988 and the seminar conducted in 1989 at Delhi on Mother and Child Care and thereby making people to know more about Ayurveda and Cure.
Ayurveda is still flourishing in the traditionally accepted form in kerala with valuable life saving herbs still around, Kerala is sure to preserve the great tradition. In this context it will be worthwhile to know more about CNS CHIKITSALAYAM, the trusted name in Ayurveda Speciality treatments founded by the legendary figure in Ayurvedic Paediatrics late . Sri. Chatharu Nair.
.There was a common usage and belief among the people, in the case of children’s’ ailments ‘Daivam pathi, Chatharu Nair pathi’(God and Chatharu Nair will contribute equally to the healing in critical stages) because he was such an outstanding personality with in depth knowledge in Ayurveda and traditional treatments. Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair, the diciple and great grand son in law of Sri. Chatharu Nair, serving the sick since 1951, is the driving force behind CNSC. The living legend Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair Daring enough to face the challenge of treating the poor boys Subash and his brother Suresh who suffers from Anhidrotic Ecodermal Dysplasia (AED) – an extremely rare case – a very popular case in the year 1992 where modern medicines failed .Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair the man of vision has mechanized the factory in 1987 in order to meet the growing demand of medicines from northern states. CNSC is giving relief to the sick by supplying high quality medicines all over the country to keep up a commitment and a great tradition.
Following the footsteps of late Sri. Chatharu Nair who has developed many life saving drugs for us, his great diciple Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair with a group of researchers of his next generation, has developed medicines such as Vasapatradi Kashaya for asthma ,Morkashaya for sprue, Shadthanduladi Kashaya for dermatitis,
Valiyaranyadi Coconut Oil etc. And they are still continuing with great zeal and enthusiasm for the help of the sick and suffering.
From 1987 CNSC started producing medicines in bulk quantities to reduce the demand supply gap with no compromise on quality. Being located at Palakkad where the herbs, which are the main raw material is abundant, CNSC is able to produce medicines, which are of best in quality. Among the self developed medicines of CNSC, medicines for Asthma, Sprue, Dermatitis etc. are patented. CNSC is now producing about 91 types of Medicated Oils,
39 types of Ayurvedic Tinctures, 46 types of Aqueous Extracts, 24 types of Avleha Rasayanas, 25 types of Medicated Ghees, 23 types of Powders, 23 types of pills, 4 types of Rasakriyas. In addition to these, branded medicines viz, Balamadhu, Santhi Pain Balm, Gloss Herbal Shampoo with all totally 385 products in own fully traditionalised factory under stringent quality control measures.
We are looking for sound businesses collaboration from Ayurvedic hospital s, clinics, shops, practitioners, therapists, dealers, distributors and individuals etc…etc…
Visit the online Ayurvedic store by CNS Chikitsalayam
Hope query and cooperation
Faithfully and Regards
Shameer ka
For Ayurvedantha

Sir, I want to know antibodies remove for going kidney transplant by healing,if it is possible? Who will do this in Pondicherry, what is the process? Please reply to my mail with details, stud_bng@yahoo.co.in . Thanks

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