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Ayurveda for Sharp Memory and Concentration

Mental well-being is essential for the body to function properly, reduce stress and increase output. As the world is progressing, the diseases and chances of facing mental disruptions such as lack in concentration are also increasing. Not all of the mental problems can be healed through modern day scientific concepts. Ayurveda is the only safe and easy way to rescue from such issues in life.

The treatments brought forward by Ayurveda are a result of several years of research. In Ayurveda, we use the term Medhya to define intellect and wisdom. It comprises of remedies that help in development and rejuvenation of mental state in a human body. This can be bought into action through niyamas and yamas of Patanjali aiming to promote sattva guna.

Most of the herbs used in Ayurveda are bitter in taste. The bitter taste also plays a crucial role in allowing the body to improve its functioning. These herbs increase sensitivity, open mind and awareness. People are enabled to explore higher levels of potential and capability due to consumption of Ayurvedic herbs.

Most Important Mind-Nourishing Herbs In Ayurveda Include:


Calamus root is a vital role player in allowing a person to meditate; it is an herb for mind. The role of meditation and yoga in improving the health of a person is not hidden from anyone today. These activities are seen to inculcate conscious communication in human beings. Wherein, the body connects to deeper levels of inner self. Also, increases the flow of positive energy in the nervous system.

The consumption of this herb can be done in the form of herbal oil or in the form of a dry powder. It boosts the level of intelligence, self-expression and concentration. Calamus root supports attention, pacifies and warms the body too! Many yogis have been using it in their regime to surge their mind functioning.


This is also known as ‘withania’ and ‘winter cherry’ in some parts of the worlds. It is one of the most popular mental rejuvenators. It helps in reduction of fatigue and feeling of exhaustion. Ayurvedic treatments also use it to regain the rhythm of long sleeps. This herb allows the brain to strengthen itself and work properly.

Ashwaghandha is used in the form of a tonic with ingredients such as potatoes and tomatoes. This tonic is quite relaxing in nature. It does not over-stimulate the brain. The consumption of this herb is seen to support the nervous system by increasing performance, endurance and decreasing level of stress. It is also recommended to students who are looking to improve their memory. However, you will have to start its intake quite early and on daily basis to see results. Basically because this is one of the slow acting herbs found in Ayurveda.


Mental health can only be attained with proper sleep and relaxation. This herb allows the human brain to relax and restore its clarity of thought. As the name suggests, it is nothing but a flower found in foot tall plants. It is a hub of several beneficial properties that do wonders for varied body parts like throat, third eye, heart and crown chakras.

The advantages of consumption of Shankhpushpi herb are its calming or soothing nature. Shankhapushpa can be prepared with the help of ghee. This will not let the mind feel dull and sharpen the level of alertness, facilitate a proper sleeping pattern and reduce dullness.

Brahmi (Gotu Kola)

This herb has a long history in supporting the brain health. While brahmi means ‘godlike’, Gotu Kola is also known as Mandukaparni. Both are widely used in preparing Ayurvedic medicines.

Bitter in taste and cool to the body, Gotu Kola aids meditation, sharp memory, intelligence and concentration. As, Gotu Kola grows in the jungle atmosphere it serves to be great food item to elephants and other herbivorous animals. It is considered to be a delicious constituent of salads too. However, if you find eating it in the form of salad difficult then opt for consuming it as a juice.

These herbs will prove to be highly beneficial in long run. Especially if you want to enhance the health of your brain in a natural way!

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