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Aromatherapy can enhance your sex life

Science indicates that aromatherapy surely works and corroborates that bringing in different smells in the bedroom can drastically enhance your sexual life. It is a well-known fact that vanilla candles help to establish an aura and a romantic mood conducive to make love. However, there are also other scents that help boost sexual life thereby proving the efficacy of Aromatherapy.

Over decades, Aromatherapy is said to have made powerful effects in stimulating some of the parts of the brain which control the sexual and sensual part of the body. Whether you are experiencing an unsatisfied sexual life or are leading a fantastic sex life, Aromatherapy will add some spice to your sexual life. Aromatherapy studies indicate that the scents used in Aromatherapy increase the blood flow to the men’s as well as women’s genitals which in turn promise a healthy and satisfied sexual life. Many scents used as a part of Aromatherapy also increase specific hormones which are related to the process of sex and love making. Here are some of the scents which will enhance your sexual life.

Scents which will help to turn your partner on

Pumpkin pie and lavender are the most powerful scents which can be used to arouse a man. These scents increase the flow of blood to the genitals of the person by as much as 40% and enhance the mood of the man towards making love. As far as women are concerned, they are turned on at the sight of licorice. It is a great scent which you can use in your bedroom before making love.

How Essential oils can promote your Sex life

Aromatherapy, for hundred years now has involved the use of potent essential oils during the process of sex. Various essential oil when used while making love can contribute towards relaxing your partner and can also put them in the right frame conducive for making love. The essential oils get diluted in the massage; you can use the undiluted oils by putting them in a warming dish or a cotton ball so that the scent is diffused in the entire room thereby setting the romantic aura and sensual mood conducive to make love. Some of the essential oils which you can use are that of patchouli, ylang rose and jasmine.

To get best results out of Aromatherapy, it is advisable that you use it just a few minutes before the period of having sex. It is because; it will help your body to adapt and respond to the various scents.

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