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Alzheimer’s disease and its Treatment in Ayurveda

What food did you have yesterday? Do you remember it or have difficulty in recollecting it? How often do you forget things that happened very recently? Is it only loss of memory due to age or do also have symptoms like irritability, mood swings, confusion, anger, communication problem, etc.?

The answer to all the above asked questions leads to a common answer which is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is also known as dementia, is a neurodegenerative disorder which is linked with plaques and tangles in brain. There are no treatments or cure for this disease and the person who is affected depends on others for getting all their work done.

Alzheimer’s disease usually sets up on people above the age of 65. It affects their memory and loss in judgement. Alzheimer’s disease development is different in each person. It can have some common symptoms as well. The first sign of this disease is that a person is not able to remember a recent activity which is called as short term memory loss. This early sign is usually ignored thinking of the age of the person. As the disease progresses, there are noticeable changes in the person like communication problems, reduced thinking, no reasoning, always in a state of confusion, impairment of mind and body, loss of judgment, etc. Slowly physical functions also stop leading to death of the person.

Alzheimer’s disease is different in each person and predicting the development in an individual is very difficult. It can progress at different rate in each person and hence many times it goes unnoticed for years.

From the ancient times, ayurveda has been known to provide good results for such deadly diseases with no cure. They have found one herb by name ashwagandha which is usually used in medical purpose, is very effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

The Ayurvedic herbs that are very helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease are given below also some ayurvedic remedies to follow.

  • The herb by name Brahmi is very good in treating Alzheimer’s disease. This herb increases brain functioning and is used in the preparation for products like health tonics, memory tonics, etc. It also helps in controlling the actions of nervous system thereby making it a good tranquilizer.
  • Vacha is a herb whose roots are used to treat disorders in nerve and problem with speech. It also helps in improving memory and coordination. This herb is used in making a churna by name Medhya churna. Taking this churna is very effective.
  • Shankhpushpi is a plant that blossums beautiful white flowers. This herb helps in memory power or recollecting things. It also helps in controlling blood pressure, and relieves stress. This herb is usually used for memory support capsules.
  • Turmeric is rich with anti oxidant property. It removes free radicals and makes body healthy and improves immunity. This herb is good for fighting against toxins and infections. This herb is used in making curcumin capsules.
  • Ashwagandha is an ancient herb that contains multiple properties. It is very helpful in treating diseases like memory loss, stress and other chronic diseases. Ashwagandha has abundant anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties which helps in improving brain functions as well as nourishing entire body by providing strength and building immunity. This herb is used in preparing Medhya churna and in memory support capsules.
  • Sonth or zingiber is herb that is used in treating nervous and emotional diseases. It is very good for the entire body system as it improves appetite, increases memory and also helps in making brain sharper. Sonth performs well for every day stress, body and mind weakness and in unseemly brain functioning.
  • Gotu kola is herb that is very rich in nutrients. It helps in improvement of concentration power. Gotu kola is mainly used for diseases related to nerve and helps in relieving tiredness of nervous system due to worry and stress. This herb is used in preparation of capsules by name Gotu kola capsules.
  • You can also try with medicines like Ashwagandharistha, Smriti sagaram, Saraswatarishta, Brahmivati, Maanasa mitravati, Kalyanaka ghruta, etc. which are prepared using the above mentioned herbs. Take 20-50 grams per day for effective results.
  • The pancha karma massages in kerala ayurveda like Sirovasthi, Nasya karma and Dhara chikitsa are very effective and helps in healing faster.

Nature’s healing power is unbelievable and the medicine prepared from it gives very good result. Try to have a proper diet, keep yourself active by doing different things like solving puzzles, play musical instruments if you know and try to mingle with people making your life socially active. These things will reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

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My father is suffering from Alzheimer deasease.his physic is short height but obesity presentation.almost his complain loos of memory.eating problem and walking problems are there.

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